Whoa! Two blog posts in one day! Not like me, but i’m trying to get better. 🙂

I know I blogged about my new business cards and re-brand a few weeks back, but I wanted to share some more  images relating to it all. As I mentioned before my good friend Tommy Davis re branded Monachetti by making some sweet adjustments to the “M” circle, re-designing the website, and will now be making me custom DVD packages for every new couple.

Tommy recently graduated from Flagler College in Florida, and compiled a portfolio book of his recent work which can be seen online digitally right here. Below are some images from the book that I think better illustrate what he did for me. The last one is a picture of him and his fiancé from their engagement shoot! They are getting married this weekend, and I have the pleasure of shooting the wedding. I am so excited, and can’t wait for the video to come together!


Here is the first page as you open the book:


Here is the page highlighting the re brand of the M and the business cards:


Here is the new custom DVD packaging!


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