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Salma and Tim’s Musket Ridge Wedding

Blogging is like graffiti with punctuation... What!? Ha, well that's what Google suggests anyhow when you do a search for "Blogging is like." It also says it's like "therapy" or "working out." We like those 2 better. At Monachetti, we love to blog. And, although we are behind (very behind) in the blogosphere, the wedding season is starting to wrap up for us soon, so we promise you'll see more in the months ahead. ;)

Up first is Salma and Tim. We love this video, and we are jealous because Salma and Tim have another one of those love stories that films are made from. And like we've been doing, we had Salma send us a snapshot of how they met, and fell in love. Below is her story, and below that is their wedding video:

"Tim had studied abroad in Egypt and was enamored with the culture and language. Soon after he returned, he met me, an Egyptian. We kept running into each other at our university’s library. It would be months before he admitted that he changed where he sat so he could bump into me and I would confess doing the same. But before that, we took long walks together around campus, strolling the wooded trails and sharing threads of ourselves that attached us to one another.
He graduated and I went to Wales for a semester abroad, still in my junior year. We sent each other handwritten letters in the mail to keep in touch. Letter by letter, we fell in love and grew to know each other well. Tim proposed to me three years later on the first trail we ever walked together, under a tree we call "The Giving Tree" after the Shel Silverstein story.
Planning a multicultural wedding had its challenges, but it was a rich and wonderful experience. We had a simple Islamic ceremony at a mosque and then, the next day, a vibrant reception that combined American customs, Mediterranean music and colors, and a Polish apron dance. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful celebration at Musket Ridge Golf Club!"