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Phyllis and Chris’ Aspen Wedding

A few times a year we get the opportunity to shoot a couple Destination Weddings, that always end up being very memorable. At the start of the year, we were in Turks and Caicos, and just a few weeks ago, we had the chance to fly to Aspen, Colorado. Both destinations totally different, both totally rad. Phyllis and Chris are not only friends of ours, but friends to some pretty amazing people. As soon as we checked in to the Sky Hotel we knew we were going to have a blast. It was an intimate wedding with 50 or so of their closest family and friends. Even though this may sound cheesy, the atmosphere was magical. Big shout out to Kate Ryan and her crew at Gold Leaf Events who drove us all around Aspen to make the video what it is, and of course my good friend Nicole Wolf of SOTA Dzine who as always, took the sickest of photos (see below the video). Their was no way to describe things better, then how Phyllis and Chris did:

"Chris proposed to me Dec.14th right before a surprise trip with my friends to NYC. We wanted to wait a year so we figured a winter wedding would be amazing and a little different. We started throwing out ideas for possible locations for a destination wedding where there would be snow, but also a place that would be fun for people that don’t ski or snowboard. Aspen! We booked a trip and were immediately in love. Aspen is such a magical place and until you see it for yourself it’s hard to describe. We chose to get married at The Aspen Mountain Club at the top of the mountain hosted by The Little Nell because of the spectacular views. To top it off, the reception venue and the food blew us away. With the help of Kate Ryan and Chelsea Dillon at Gold Leaf Event Design and Productions we were on our way to planning our dream wedding. Michael Eller of Monachetti is a friend and having seen his work in the past, we knew we had to have him as our videographer. This video should explain why ;) He recommended Nicole Wolf as our photographer and after seeing her work online we immediately made arrangements to hire her. It meant so much to us that the girls at Gold Leaf, Mike, and Nicole all took the time to scout the locations and provide the perfect backdrops for our day. We will never forget how amazing it was working with everyone and what an incredible experience we had with not only our family and friends but the crew that helped make it all happen."