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Maria and Aaron’s iPhone 4 Wedding Video

This is a very different wedding video then what you may be used to seeing here, but I was so excited by the way it turned out, that I thought i'd share it. Ever since the iPhone 4 came out, and people started talking about the quality of the video it has, it's made me wonder what it would be like to shoot a wedding using the phone. Well, when I found out my good friend Aaron was engaged to be married, I thought it would be a great opportunity to propose the idea to him. He agreed and boy i'm glad he did.

My goal with this video was to try and create a heart felt wedding video, without using my regular camera or normal effects I do with my other videos. It was an experimental piece, but turned out to work better then I ever thought it would. Here you will find no color corrections, no fancy filters, and no epic slow motion shots. Oh, and an added bonus is that the video was officially released and featured by my very own start-up, BridePOP! Have a look at the video below, and be sure to check out the official post on BridePOP by clicking here.

Music by: Amy Seeley