Archived Weddings


Getting the chance to work with Kristan and Steve couldn't have been more of a pleasure for us. When I sat down and chatted with them about doing a video, it was to my surprise to find out Steve was the drummer for the band that played during a wedding we shot awhile back for Justine and Gary (Justine was also their photographer for the day). Naturally he saw the video, and said its what prompted him and Kristan to want to meet and ultimately book us. They were so fun to get to know, and it's always an extra treat when you work with other artists (Kristan is a musician as well).

Meadowlark Gardens couldn't be a better place to be shoot a wedding either.  We spent almost 2 hours outside walking around the gardens because there was so much natural light and scenery. Thanks Kristan and Steve! We also posted some pictures below from Justine.  Be sure to see the whole slideshow here though.  Enjoy!