Archived Weddings

Kate and Joe’s Wedding at the Kent Manor Inn

Kate and Joe's wedding at the Kent Manor Inn was a last minute wedding for us, literally. Kate's mom had called me about a month before the wedding and luckily we were still available. It ended up being a rainy day, but it added so much charm to the wedding. And, of course it made for some fun video. We also caught up with Kate, to get another fun story for the blog.

"We met the summer of my senior year in high school. Joe was in his first year of college. Our first date was a set up by our maid of honor and best man who had been dating a whole year before we met. (they still arent engaged, and he got an earful at the wedding! haha) Needless to say going to a movie with a complete stranger isn't the best idea for a first date. We sat in an dark movie theater for an hour and half not talking, then I had to be home for curfew. When he invited me to a car show the following weekend I was surprised considering we hadn't said more than hello to each other. Four weeks later we were inseparable. I was planning on going to new york for school after high school, leaving Joe behind, but that all changed once we fell in love. He is definitely "the one" for me. People say we are so young to get married or have the experience to know if we are truly in love. And here is how I know we are, we have grown up together. We have had all sorts of experiences before and during our relationship and somehow we guided each other through what I believe is the most difficult life experience. Finding yourself. We are probably the most grounded 20 year olds anyone has ever met. (im 23 hes 25), and we have each other to thank. We know who we are, what we want and support each other along the way. Joe proposed while I was doing the dishes one night in our apartment. Besides my beautiful wedding, its one of my favorite memories."