Archived Weddings

Jennice and John’s Wedding at the Brittland Manor

Jennice and John's Wedding at the Brittland Manor was a blast. The theme they had was totally new for us too. Everything was PINK! They even had a set built on the reception dance floor. Getting to know Jennice and John was a treat too, and were such a joy to work with. Jennice gave us a little snapshot of their story below, but be sure to check out the whole thing on their website here:

"Two years ago, John could be found playing with an Annapolis Band, The Dirty Names, and I could be found in the library because I was completing my first year at Catholic University Law School. On March 4, 2011, bridesmaid Margaret convinced me to go out on the town. We were going to kick off our evening at a popular local spot to see her friend’s band, The Dirty Names. As soon as they started playing I immediately asked who the fella was on keys and was he single?!? I was lucky to find out that not only was he single but he was a southern gentleman too!! I was smitten. I made sure to say hello and really laid on that southern charm. John quickly fell head over heels and says it was love at first sight!! Neither one of us could have guessed that this was the night we would meet the love of our lives.

It was on our first date, two days later, that we truly got to know each other and spent fours hours talking non-stop. If you have met either one of us, you know this is not an exaggeration. It was only three short weeks later that we decided to officially become a couple and have been together ever since."