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Clare and Jack’s Backyard Wedding in Potomac Maryland

Sometimes when you hear "Backyard Wedding" you might not have the most enchanted view in your mind. Not because people haven't done it right, but mainly because we usually associate a wedding to a church, or a hotel type venue so "Backyard" sometimes doesn't equate. Well, don't mistake this backyard wedding for anything short of AMAZING. We even told Jack and Clare we are coming back someday to swim in the pool (photo below).

clare and jack's wedding monachetti

As always, we caught up with Clare so she could give the story of her and Jack for the blog. So enjoy!

"We met met when we were sophomores in high school at a sweet sixteen party right here in MD! It took about two months of the typical high school dating scene (AIM convos, text messages, and having mutual friends talk each other up) for us to officially become a couple. Since then we have pretty much been inseparable! I went to an all girls high school and Jack an all boys (Gonzaga, where we were married)- but when we graduated we both went to the University of Colorado, Boulder together. While in college we also had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy. We lived there for 5 months and spent our last month back packing around Europe. A few of our favorite details from this trip are on our site. That whole experience is one of our all time favorite memories. Jack proposed while we were on a camping trip in the Shenandoah Mountains almost exactly one year before our wedding date! He proposed Sept. 15, 2012 and we were married Sept, 14 2013. We had spent the whole day hiking- and getting lost- and at the top of the highest peak in the park Jack proposed! It was very magical :)"