1. Kristen and Matt’s Wedding at Hotel Monaco

    Kristen was one of our brides who from the start, made us SO excited to shoot her wedding. Her unbelievably addicting and fun personality (and laugh) came through in the planning process, and couldn’t have more evident in the highlight below. She and Matt had been long time sweethearts, and this day had been in the works for awhile.

    Kristen contacted us a year ago, knowing she was going to hire us all along. Given this was the first wedding of the new season for us, we were eager to get to Hotel Monaco and start shooting. Big thanks to Justine Ungaro and Mixing Maryland for making the day so much fun. Kristen and Matt, we wish you the best!

  2. Monachetti’s Weekend at Riverside Farm in Vermont

    This past weekend, owner Michael Eller and his wife Chelsea had the pleasure of being invited to Vermont for a weekend at the Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, Vermont. “We didn’t know what to expect, given this was a new thing for us. We joined a handful of other wedding professionals for an “Unplugged Weekend” getaway. Needless to say, after the busy year we’ve had here at Monachetti, it was much needed!

    riverside farm weddings by monachetti weddings

    Photo by: Jasmine Lee Photography

    We had the opportunity to connect with some amazing people (all links below post), from across the country, and Canada (what’s up Lynzie and Andrew!), as well as go on an few adventures and explore the venue at Riverside Farm. This place is unlike any venue that we have seen before. The beautiful backdrop of the Green Mountains combined with the unbelievable post and beam barns across the property make it a truly unique setting. We were given a tour of the property by the owner, Courtney Desena, who got married on the property as well. That, in fact, is how the whole thing got started: after Courtney and her husband Joe were married they were approached by others in the area who also wanted to have barn weddings and from there they decided to make it into a business.

    riverside farm monachetti weddings

    Photo by: Jasmine Lee Photography

    We also had the opportunity to do something that we have never done before, snowshoeing! Tom, from Perfect Vermont was our awesome guide on a 2 mile trek on the Green Mountain trails, just behind Riverside Farms. It was amazing, and grueling, but mostly amazing.

    Unfortunately, we were unable to rent bikes/go on a bike tour this weekend due to the weather, but our fabulous Inn Keepers at the Amee Farm Lodge (Simon and Jessica) also own an excellent company called Great Bike Tours. They offer bike rentals and tours of Pittsfield and the surrounding Green Mountains. If you ever find yourself in Pittsfield, renting a bike would be the perfect way to get around town! Thank you, Simon and Jessica for everything you did for us during our stay!

    riverside farm signs monachetti weddings

    Photo by: Jasmine Lee Photography

    We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone at Riverside Farm, Amee Farm Lodge, Perfect Vermont, Sweet Georgia P’s, and the Original General Store for your hospitality, and generosity during our wonderful stay. We had such an amazing time and we cannot wait to come visit again soon!”

    Special thanks to Jasmine Lee Photography for the above images. If you are looking to get a real sense of the properties, see Jasmine’s full photo gallery by clicking this link: http://jasmineleephotography.pass.us/vermontperfection

    A few of our new friends, check them out:

    Photography: Heidi Vail Photography

    Planning and Music: Lynzie Kent

    Planning and Events: Reverie Made

    Photography: Jessica Bosse

    Photography: Jasmine Lee Photography

    Blog: Hill City Bride The Clutch Guide

    Photography: Mary Dougherty





  3. After 10 years, it was time for a change…

    This past January was a huge land mark for Monachetti. We turned 10! That’s right, 10 years ago the company was founded, and we embarked on this journey towards creating an alternative option to the traditional wedding video. Now, 10 years later we are proud to release a new look. Don’t worry, the same Monachetti is still here underneath it all. Our mission is and always will be the same; to create high quality, highly diverse wedding videography.

    monachetti brand


    In the next few months, we’ll be releasing a new website, and a few articles about everything along with a few snapshots of our new packaging and other brand materials. Thanks to everyone for the continual support, and a special thanks to all our past clients who’ve contributed to our growth and success!

    Looking forward to the next 10 years!


    -The Monachetti Team


  4. Phyllis and Chris’s Aspen Wedding

    A few times a year we get the opportunity to shoot a couple Destination Weddings, that always end up being very memorable. At the start of the year, we were in Turks and Caicos, and just a few weeks ago, we had the chance to fly to Aspen, Colorado. Both destinations totally different, both totally rad. Phyllis and Chris are not only friends of ours, but friends to some pretty amazing people. As soon as we checked in to the Sky Hotel we knew we were going to have a blast. It was an intimate wedding with 50 or so of their closest family and friends. Even though this may sound cheesy, the atmosphere was magical. Big shout out to Kate Ryan and her crew at Gold Leaf Events who drove us all around Aspen to make the video what it is, and of course my good friend Nicole Wolf of SOTA Dzine who as always, took the sickest of photos (see below the video). Their was no way to describe things better, then how Phyllis and Chris did:

    “Chris proposed to me Dec.14th right before a surprise trip with my friends to NYC. We wanted to wait a year so we figured a winter wedding would be amazing and a little different. We started throwing out ideas for possible locations for a destination wedding where there would be snow, but also a place that would be fun for people that don’t ski or snowboard. Aspen! We booked a trip and were immediately in love. Aspen is such a magical place and until you see it for yourself it’s hard to describe. We chose to get married at The Aspen Mountain Club at the top of the mountain hosted by The Little Nell because of the spectacular views. To top it off, the reception venue and the food blew us away. With the help of Kate Ryan and Chelsea Dillon at Gold Leaf Event Design and Productions we were on our way to planning our dream wedding. Michael Eller of Monachetti is a friend and having seen his work in the past, we knew we had to have him as our videographer. This video should explain why ;) He recommended Nicole Wolf as our photographer and after seeing her work online we immediately made arrangements to hire her. It meant so much to us that the girls at Gold Leaf, Mike, and Nicole all took the time to scout the locations and provide the perfect backdrops for our day. We will never forget how amazing it was working with everyone and what an incredible experience we had with not only our family and friends but the crew that helped make it all happen.”

  5. Lauren and Aaron’s Wedding at the Key Bridge Marriott

    Lauren has been a long time family friend of ours for years, and when she called us to do her wedding, we were thrilled. Their are so many wonderful cultural traditions packed in to this day, it makes me wonder how my wedding planner friends do it! We are so happy for Lauren and Aaron, and we are glad we had a part in their day. Enjoy the video and Lauren’s story below!

    “Aaron and I met at a mutual friend’s wedding in December 2010. I have to admit that his moves on the dance floor and his huge smile were what initially caught my eye. I remember telling my sister Jen, “That guy looks like so much fun!” and then trying to dance near him to get his attention. When we went on our first date a week later, I learned that in addition to being a “fun guy,” Aaron is smart, funny, and charming – someone that everyone loves to be around. We both lived in Arlington and had grown up in Northern VA so there were a number of times our paths had crossed in the past but we had never met. We dated for the next two years, and on a trip to Europe in fall 2012, Aaron popped the question in Paris at the Eiffel Tower!

    As we planned our wedding, we wanted to incorporate his family’s Indian traditions and my family’s Catholic and Jewish traditions. We decided to have a Catholic ceremony at the school I went to in Vienna and an Indian baraat (parade) and Hindu ceremony, followed by our reception, at the Key Bridge Marriott in Arlington. The Jewish traditions of the breaking of the glass and the hora (“chair dance”) were also sprinkled in. Very much a multicultural wedding. It was incredible to have all of our family and friends experience and celebrate our different cultures.”

  6. Jennice and John’s Wedding at the Brittland Manor

    Jennice and John’s Wedding at the Brittland Manor was a blast. The theme they had was totally new for us too. Everything was PINK! They even had a set built on the reception dance floor. Getting to know Jennice and John was a treat too, and were such a joy to work with. Jennice gave us a little snapshot of their story below, but be sure to check out the whole thing on their website here: www.jenniceandjohn.com

    “Two years ago, John could be found playing with an Annapolis Band, The Dirty Names, and I could be found in the library because I was completing my first year at Catholic University Law School. On March 4, 2011, bridesmaid Margaret convinced me to go out on the town. We were going to kick off our evening at a popular local spot to see her friend’s band, The Dirty Names. As soon as they started playing I immediately asked who the fella was on keys and was he single?!? I was lucky to find out that not only was he single but he was a southern gentleman too!! I was smitten. I made sure to say hello and really laid on that southern charm. John quickly fell head over heels and says it was love at first sight!! Neither one of us could have guessed that this was the night we would meet the love of our lives.

    It was on our first date, two days later, that we truly got to know each other and spent fours hours talking non-stop. If you have met either one of us, you know this is not an exaggeration. It was only three short weeks later that we decided to officially become a couple and have been together ever since.”

  7. Kate and Joe’s Wedding at the Kent Manor Inn

    Kate and Joe’s wedding at the Kent Manor Inn was a last minute wedding for us, literally. Kate’s mom had called me about a month before the wedding and luckily we were still available. It ended up being a rainy day, but it added so much charm to the wedding. And, of course it made for some fun video. We also caught up with Kate, to get another fun story for the blog.

    “We met the summer of my senior year in high school. Joe was in his first year of college. Our first date was a set up by our maid of honor and best man who had been dating a whole year before we met. (they still arent engaged, and he got an earful at the wedding! haha) Needless to say going to a movie with a complete stranger isn’t the best idea for a first date. We sat in an dark movie theater for an hour and half not talking, then I had to be home for curfew. When he invited me to a car show the following weekend I was surprised considering we hadn’t said more than hello to each other. Four weeks later we were inseparable. I was planning on going to new york for school after high school, leaving Joe behind, but that all changed once we fell in love. He is definitely “the one” for me. People say we are so young to get married or have the experience to know if we are truly in love. And here is how I know we are, we have grown up together. We have had all sorts of experiences before and during our relationship and somehow we guided each other through what I believe is the most difficult life experience. Finding yourself. We are probably the most grounded 20 year olds anyone has ever met. (im 23 hes 25), and we have each other to thank. We know who we are, what we want and support each other along the way. Joe proposed while I was doing the dishes one night in our apartment. Besides my beautiful wedding, its one of my favorite memories.”

  8. Margot and Matt’s Easton Wedding at the Tidewater Inn

    Margot was someone we met a year prior to doing her wedding. We sat down at Baltimore Tea & Co in Annapolis, and got to listen to the story of her and Matt first hand. We knew after chatting with her that day, they’d both be such a special couple to create a video for. During their engagement, Matt was deployed to Afghanistan which made them realize how much more they needed to be married. and start their life together. Here’s Margot’s story:

    “Our paths crossed after Matt left the active duty military and moved back home to Washington, DC. I had been living in the area and had unknowingly become part of the extended network of Matt’s friends from home. It wasn’t long before we began dating and realized that we were perfect for each other. We both enjoyed mountain sports, fitness, Mad Men, and being around our (now) mutual friends. I was a good cook and Matt was/is always hungry. Matt proposed while we were on a summer mountain biking trip to Park City, Utah. Between the engagement and the wedding, Matt headed off to Afghanistan for a bit, we picked up our stuff and moved to Denver to be closer to the mountains, and we convinced Matt’s best friend (and best man in the wedding) to move to Denver with us. The wedding at the Tidewater Inn was exactly what we hoped it would be – a great party and the dance floor was never empty: Love, Fellowship, and Rock & Roll.”

  9. Clare and Jack’s Backyard Wedding in Potomac Maryland

    Sometimes when you hear “Backyard Wedding” you might not have the most enchanted view in your mind. Not because people haven’t done it right, but mainly because we usually associate a wedding to a church, or a hotel type venue so “Backyard” sometimes doesn’t equate. Well, don’t mistake this backyard wedding for anything short of AMAZING. We even told Jack and Clare we are coming back someday to swim in the pool (photo below).

    clare and jack's wedding monachetti

    As always, we caught up with Clare so she could give the story of her and Jack for the blog. So enjoy!

    “We met met when we were sophomores in high school at a sweet sixteen party right here in MD! It took about two months of the typical high school dating scene (AIM convos, text messages, and having mutual friends talk each other up) for us to officially become a couple. Since then we have pretty much been inseparable! I went to an all girls high school and Jack an all boys (Gonzaga, where we were married)- but when we graduated we both went to the University of Colorado, Boulder together. While in college we also had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy. We lived there for 5 months and spent our last month back packing around Europe. A few of our favorite details from this trip are on our site. That whole experience is one of our all time favorite memories. Jack proposed while we were on a camping trip in the Shenandoah Mountains almost exactly one year before our wedding date! He proposed Sept. 15, 2012 and we were married Sept, 14 2013. We had spent the whole day hiking- and getting lost- and at the top of the highest peak in the park Jack proposed! It was very magical :)”

  10. Salma and Tim’s Musket Ridge Wedding

    Blogging is like graffiti with punctuation… What!? Ha, well that’s what Google suggests anyhow when you do a search for “Blogging is like.” It also says it’s like “therapy” or “working out.” We like those 2 better. At Monachetti, we love to blog. And, although we are behind (very behind) in the blogosphere, the wedding season is starting to wrap up for us soon, so we promise you’ll see more in the months ahead. ;)

    Up first is Salma and Tim. We love this video, and we are jealous because Salma and Tim have another one of those love stories that films are made from. And like we’ve been doing, we had Salma send us a snapshot of how they met, and fell in love. Below is her story, and below that is their wedding video:

    “Tim had studied abroad in Egypt and was enamored with the culture and language. Soon after he returned, he met me, an Egyptian. We kept running into each other at our university’s library. It would be months before he admitted that he changed where he sat so he could bump into me and I would confess doing the same. But before that, we took long walks together around campus, strolling the wooded trails and sharing threads of ourselves that attached us to one another.
He graduated and I went to Wales for a semester abroad, still in my junior year. We sent each other handwritten letters in the mail to keep in touch. Letter by letter, we fell in love and grew to know each other well. Tim proposed to me three years later on the first trail we ever walked together, under a tree we call “The Giving Tree” after the Shel Silverstein story.
Planning a multicultural wedding had its challenges, but it was a rich and wonderful experience. We had a simple Islamic ceremony at a mosque and then, the next day, a vibrant reception that combined American customs, Mediterranean music and colors, and a Polish apron dance. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful celebration at Musket Ridge Golf Club!”