1. Carolyn and Matt’s Wedding at the Belle Haven Country Club

    Carolyn and Matt were a blast to work with and the wedding was nothing short then a amazing memorable ceremony & party with a ton of fun people (just wait for the reception part if you don’t believe us). The reception was held at the Belle Haven Country Club which gave us a lot of fun options for video, and given the weather was nothing short of amazing it made shooting these two a breeze. Enjoy the highlight below!

  2. Amy and Drew’s Wedding at Brittland Estates

    Every time we get an email from a Bride and Groom and “Brittland Estates” is the venue location, we smile. Brittland Estates “Brittland Manor” holds a special spot for us, because one of our own was married there 3 years ago. So naturally when Amy and Drew reached out to us to let us know their wedding was going to be there, we were elated.

    I’m not sure if it was Amy’s excitement through out the whole day, the faith these two had, or just the fun that is so evident in the video, but we are thrilled to show it off.

    Amy and Drew, thank you guys for being a joy to work with from your first email. We hope this highlight brings you many, many more years of happiness.

    Amy and Drew Brittland Estates Wedding

  3. David and Kevin’s Georgetown Wedding at the Powerhouse

    “Kevin is the best hugger, he makes me laugh harder than anyone I know, there is no better uncle, and there is no one in the world I’d rather start my family with. I’m so blessed to be standing here with you today.” These were the words from David to Kevin, to kick off what was probably the most memorable wedding weekends for us in a long time.

    Blogging a wedding like this will never truly be able to do it justice. That’s why we usually just say “Watch the video!” Which, you should do… But for those who enjoy written word, we’ll do our best. I (Michael) first met David and Kevin on the rooftop bar of the Graham Hotel in Georgetown. When David proceeded to tell me how they met, I was enamored with their story. David said “When I came up the Verizon steps to Vida to meet Kevin (who was to be my personal trainer) I knew the second I saw him he was going to be my husband.” They both had a charm and a way about them that made us so excited to not only shoot their wedding, but be a part of the weekend festivities.

    The ceremony was held at their Home in Georgetown, with the reception to follow at the Powerhouse, a jaw dropping urban space that has been totally redone and catered for events. David and Kevin couldn’t have been more accommodating, generous, and thankful for our service. And their friends and family made shooting all weekend super enjoyable. Beyond that, we were blessed to have the BEST team working along side us for the weekend. We listed a few of the vendors below the video (and adding more as we get links), who totally went out of their way to not only accommodate specific requests, but to make sure we were always getting what we needed. Jose, Jamie, Kate, and Linda, THANK YOU. David and Kevin, congrats! Many happy years of joy and marriage!


    Photography: Jose Villa

    Planning: Simply Chic Events

    Cake: Cakes by Colin

    Catering: Susan Gage

    Floral and Decorating: Amaryllis


  4. Clare and Travis’s Georgetown Wedding at the Sequoia

    Clare and Travis were married on June 7, 2014 in Washington, DC. The ceremony took place at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle, which was special for them because that is where they attend mass every week. The reception was held at Sequoia, and selecting that venue was “one of the easiest decisions we made during the entire wedding planning process.” 

    Clare and Travis met through their mutual friend, Michael Schulman. After graduating from the University of Delaware, Travis moved to Washington, DC with Mike, his friend from college. Travis started working at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and Mike began classes at The George Washington University Law School. Clare was in law school with Mike and they quickly became friends. Eventually, Mike dragged Travis out with him one night, and that is how Travis met Clare. A few years later, Travis finally asked Clare out on a date, and before long, they were a couple.

    “The most important thing to us was to have a wedding that was fun. We also wanted to keep with tradition at least a little bit, but mix in some our own personality as well. The highlight of the day for Travis was definitely the funfetti cake that was completely covered in rainbow sprinkles (his favorite food). When the Rangers made it to the Stanley Cup Finals, Clare promptly told Travis to cancel the wedding. (He didn’t.) The only thing that could have made the day any more perfect for Clare is if the Rangers had won that night.”

    Here’s a little video still below from the night!

    Clare and Travis Monachetti Weddings Georgetown

  5. Margo and Brian’s Wedding in Philadelphia

    Margo and Brian’s love story began at Local 16 in Washington, DC, after meeting on Match.com. Three states, two graduate degrees, and six years later, they were sure they had found the “perfect match” in each other and could not wait a moment longer to get hitched. Fast forward a few months after an amazing proposal, the couple wed at a private ceremony in Philadelphia at Bartram’s Garden. They were married by a federal judge and committed themselves to each other in front of their immediate families, something they both cherished. The wedding was followed by a private celebration at Vernick Food & Drink in Philadelphia. Food took center stage and Chef Vernick pulled out all the stops to give Margo and Brian the meal of a lifetime. Close family, delicious food, a little sparkle (and a little dog) made their day perfection.

    We loved this photo by their photographer, and wanted to share it below. Alison Conklin does amazing work, and we were privileged to get to shoot along side of her!

    alison conklin photography

  6. Charlotte and Steve’s Estate Wedding in Middleburg Virginia

    Charlotte and Steve had one of those weddings you’d see in the movies. Not just their love story (which can be read below from Charlotte) but their actual wedding day too. Set in the farm lands of Middleburg VA at the home of Steve’s parents (photo below), was one of the most scenic weddings we’ve ever shot. Their must have been over 100 acres of land to explore, and it helped immensely for crafting a timeless wedding video. The history and legend of this little town is something we will never forget and we are super proud to have been there to capture this event. Congrats Charlotte and Steve!

    monachetti weddings charlotte and steve

    “Steve and I were set up my best friend and her husband in winter 2011 in NYC where we both lived at the time. A few months later, we found out Steve got into business school in CA and would be moving out there. We did a year of long distance until I moved out to SF the following summer. We got engaged a few months later at his parents’ farm in Middleburg over Thanksgiving 2012 with both of our families there. Because the farm is so special to Steve’s family, and special to us as a couple, we decided it was the perfect place for our wedding. We’ve since moved back to NYC so it ended up being a central location for all our friends and family coming from across the country and from overseas.”

  7. Rachel and Nick’s Wedding at the Stone Manor Country Club

    Nick’s and Rachel’s moms have been close friends since kindergarten, and Rachel and Nick grew up seeing each other throughout the years, eventually going to rival high schools and college together. Always just friends, by chance they went on a lake trip together that by the end turned their friendship into something more.

    A few years later, when Nick proposed to Rachel on a road trip through Spain, they knew they wanted a wedding that reflected the fun they have together with all their close friends and family. Rachel is an architect, so she focused on a beautiful venue with fun details, great music and food. Making sure the wedding was properly documented was also key, so once she saw a Monachetti wedding video that was shot at Stone Manor (that made both her and her mom start crying, even though they did not know the beautiful couple), Rachel knew she had to have them as the videographers at the wedding. Nick, an avid hunter, made sure to have a few references to his favorite pastime as well. Touching speeches were made by Rachel’s sisters and Nick’s brother, who ended his with an unexpected butterfly release. Guests mingled and were on the dance floor all night long, so Nick and Rachel deemed the night a great success! Enjoy the video below!

  8. Laura and Corey’s Annapolis Waterfront Marriott Wedding

    Laura was a high school friend of ours who we were thrilled contacted us about her Annapolis Wedding. Her and Corey were a blast to work with through out the day because they were eager to visit a lot of fun places Downtown which made for a ton of video opportunities. Enjoy the video!

  9. Weddings in Annapolis

    We are super excited to have recently teamed up with Visit Annapolis to create a highlight film to help promote their new brand, “Weddings in Annapolis.” Check out the video below, but be sure to see everything they are doing at: http://weddings.visitannapolis.org/

  10. Neha and Amit’s Hilton Dulles Wedding

    Neha and Amit’s Indian Wedding at the Hilton in Dulles. WOW, what a weekend… Thanks to both Neha and Amit for putting on their best faces, for 3 days straight! We think this highlight does a great job bringing out the best moments that weekend and we wish them the very best in the years to come!