MJ and Adam’s New York City Wedding

This next wedding was anything short of BREATHTAKING. My good friend and advocate Amy Shey Jacobs from Chandelier Events called me and asked if I was available to shoot a wedding Labor Day weekend in New York City. I am glad I was available, because Marjorie and Adam did it right.

The day started for us at the Trump in SoHo where Marjorie was spending the morning in hair and make-up with a gorgeous view overlooking the city. They also decided to do the ceremony and reception in the hotel, which is always a nice thing for me because everything is in one location, making it super easy to run around and get the shots I need.

I would have to say that the highlight of the day for me (once again) was getting to spend a little time in SoHo with Marjorie and Adam. Mel Barlow was there shooting the photos, and we were able to capture a lot of fun stuff by walking around SoHo for a little. Thanks so much for a wonderful time Marjorie and Adam!